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Blood Stained Salvation

We're a guild of close friends who have grown and evolved through multiple MMORPGs. We've used many names in various games (Link Dead, Envy Life, Broken Silence, The Crimson Serenade). We hope to make a new name for ourselves in WAR with Blood Stained Salvation.

We consists of members that range from skilled PVPers, hardcore PVEers to OCD crafters. We're all mature players who would rather play the game than sit and gank someone over and over or harrass other players. We all want to make names for ourselves and be respected on whatever server we're on. 

Most of us are not hardcore when it comes to playtime, as most of us have families and work, but we ARE hardcore when it comes to the way we play. We love a good PVP skirmish, we love a good PVE instance but mostly we just want to have fun.

Welcome to Blood Stained Salvation,

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